To all persons who wish to join the site and take advantage of the services they have to register themselves after reading the conditions of membership and the usage and approve them, keeping in mind that those conditions have legally binding force for the Members of the site, has the right to do the adjustments/modifications in those conditions at any time, and the members have to read them accordingly.

Basic Rules :

The Members must be Muslim and +18 years .

To all persons wishing to Register must know that the site purpose is to acquaintance you partner for legal marriage only and not for any other purpose.

Registration for acquaintance, friendship, fun marriage ,temporary marriage, customary marriage is forbidden and not allowed on the site.

Member username Must be well respected, and appropriate to the nature of the legitimate site, not respected usernames are prevented.

Writing email address our phone number as a username or including it in the personal information is prevented, those information are for admin use only.

The website for personal use ,warding use it for trading or advertisment from members in any picture,so the member whose make that present himself to alaw issue addition end his membership also he cant return any cost of money he pay up..

The website just for personal we apologies from transactor of marriage as they men or women..Please don't be entering to website because we haven't private system to them..

For young man or women the right of one active membership,so you shouldnt be enter more than one membership,opposition this condition present all membership to block..

Use lie ,extreme and deception through your personal information present his involved to block directly..

The user shouldn't be write any bad or comic information in his personal profile..

Warding use membership for malign and liable to another member..

Messaging Rules :

To connect between members just by interior communication,so we warding any other sending instrument outside the website ,so every member should be duty with worth and tradition in interior communication,if sureness any infraction from any member we end his membership directly.. :

Warding ask for e-mail , phone number or messanger to speek outside the website. so every member should duty with interior communication in website..

Warding send e-mail and phone number in article or import message so you should duty just in interior communication through website..

Warding use in sending brave or immoral speech as(six,very hot or sexy.etc)..

Warding in sending scorn with others informaition ,level or his supply..

General notes.. :

For members the right to end their membership in any time they like ,and for right to block any membership for any member without return to him if plain from member any sureness of membership and he cant return any cost of money he pay up..

All website import from (designs ,subjects) its just from rights so others warding trading on without managements assent..

The website all right to change or end any information with enter in website as information with entered by members whose use it and its un suitable to work lists or un fit with worth and tradition or propagate to hate,political sides ,mental or import of advertisement information ,trading .e-mail or websites articles..

For all right to end any membership didn't active.epically these members whose didn't use website more than 2 months and this is keeling of serious nature of website.. un responsibly about truth of common information and data with registered from members..

Important Note:if member cant enter into website.also he didn't use his account since 3 months already we delete his mailbox and also his lists available in website as willingly form also we keep to his information,entering and his membership..