The second wife, do you accept it?

The second wife, do you accept it?

The second wife, do you accept it?

Polygamy is a topic that raises controversy in our society from time to time, and opinions differ about it. It is a legally permissible and agreed-upon matter, but there are some of us who condemn and reject it, so there are many opinions and many reasons around it, including:

The reason may be the desire to have children when the wife is the reason for that matter, and this is one of the most common reasons for putting forward the idea of ​​a second wife.
The reason for marrying another may be the desire to have a son, so the wife is begetting, but all of them are daughters, and with retrospective thinking from the husband, he believes that if he marries another woman, he is likely to have a son from her, which is also common in our ancient society, but scientifically it has been proven that determining the sex of the newborn is the cause The man, not the woman.
The reason may be that the man feels a deficiency in his life with his first wife, so he searches for a second wife to make up for the deficiency he feels.
The reason may be that he did not choose the first wife, as it is a choice of his family, for example: his marriage to his cousin due to financial circumstances or family customs and traditions.
The question is for you, wife, do you accept that your husband marries someone else's wife, grants her all your rights, and brings children from her and they become brothers to your children??? And if you accept it, do you have conditions??..and what are your conditions??

There are various opinions about the conviction of married women of the idea of ​​a second wife who shares with her husband and has the same rights. Some of them are:

_ She refuses to be completely rejected and even asks for separation as soon as she knows this.
Apparently agree and internally object to a psychological objection in the sense that she agrees to the completion of the marriage to another and remains observant of her husband, but prevents him from his rights as a husband.
_ She accepts this on condition that she does not have any relationship with the second wife and sets conditions by which she guarantees her rights and the rights of her children.
_ She also accepts, and one of her conditions is that she chooses the second wife herself.
There are many opinions about accepting this matter, but the most important opinion is the opinion of Islam??? What is the view of Islam regarding polygamy, it has analyzed it, but what are its conditions??? How is the aforementioned justice achieved between these marriages???

And Allaah says (interpretation of Allaah. "

When God Almighty mentioned polygamy, he mentioned with it justice, and this justice is material justice (clothing, food, drink and accommodation).

And Allaah says (interpretation of the Almighty.

This verse is a clarification that justice in feelings is not possible and that the husband should not completely distance himself from his wife, leaving her hanging because she is not married and she is not divorced.

Some jurists believe that women have a right to the views of Islam, which came clear and just in that, but with different societies, there are many opinions according to the nature of each society, according to the material conditions and according to the way of thinking, but polygamy has a positive impact on our society.

It eliminates spinsterhood. Studies have shown that the number of females is much greater than the number of males, and that only one of every ten girls marries.

It also preserves our morals from misguidance and deviation, as it is a legitimate solution that guarantees us a safe life and makes man satisfied with himself.